Each of our trainers are certified by a nationally accredited educational institution. With many years of experience between them, our trainers work together to devise effective training methods that get our clients the results they are looking for. The trainers at Body Camp LA have a unique approach that enables them to motivate our clients to their fullest potential while still keeping our classes fun and enjoyable. The health and safety of our clients are the highest priority at Body Camp LA. Therefore, our trainers work diligently to teach our clients the proper form and mechanics associated with each exercise. If you have any questions or are in need of fitness related advice, please contact us and ask to speak to one of our trainers today. 


Anthony Torossian

Fitness Coordinator

Fitness coordinator and head trainer Anthony Torossian has helped a wide array of people reach their health and fitness goals throughout his entire career. Anthony works closely with each of our trainers as well as our clients in order to ensure that the Body Camp LA model is shared and experienced by everyone who becomes a part of our program. 

“My only goal is to help our clients achieve their goals, in the most effective, most safe and most exciting way possible” Anthony Torossian