6 Week Challenge

The Six Week Challenge is designed to help you get into your best shape just in time for the holidays. The challenge will begin on November 6, 2017!

How the challenge works                                                             

In addition to getting the physique that you have always dreamed about, you also have the chance to earn additional rewards by participating in the Six Week Challenge. At the start of the challenge, you have the choice of setting the goal for yourself to either lose 20 pounds of weight or to lose 5% of your body fat by the end of the challenge. If you reach your challenge goal, Body Camp LA will reward you with a full refund of your challenge fee. 

This challenge will include 3 class session a week access during the entire six weeks of the challenge, however, it is required that each participant attend a minimum of 3 classes a week during the challenge. A comprehensive meal plan is provided for each participant of the six week challenge along with other important perks. Our trainers will guide you through the entire process of this amazing experience.