Each of our trainers are certified by a nationally accredited educational institution. With many years of experience between them, our trainers work together to devise effective training methods that get our clients the results they are looking for. The trainers at Body Camp LA have a unique approach that enables them to motivate our clients to their fullest potential while still keeping our classes fun and enjoyable. The health and safety of our clients are the highest priority at Body Camp LA. Therefore, our trainers work diligently to teach our clients the proper form and mechanics associated with each exercise. If you have any questions or are in need of fitness related advice, please contact us and ask to speak to one of our trainers today. 


Morgan Bourne

Fitness Coordinator/Head Trainer

My name is Morgan Bourne, I am a strength & conditioning coach from New Orleans, LA. I was introduced to sports performance training at age 13 and this is when my passion for training and nutrition sparked. I attended the University of Southern Mississippi were I obtained my B.S. in Exercise Science-Magna Cum Laude and conducted my undergraduate research on “The effects of KT tape on Unilateral performance in Standing Balance.” While in school I also logged 500 hours as a physical therapy technician and have a background in corrective exercises and injury prevention. I have worked with professional athletes of all backgrounds, artists, actors, business executives, and fitness enthusiasts both as a coach and sports nutritionist providing training, nutritional recommendations, and body composition assessments. My programs involve a wide variety of scientific based training methods that stress the body through all major movements with changing tempos and intensities. The most important focus of the training is proper form and technique to ensure that we can stay healthy and continue to maintain an active lifestyle pursuing our goals. I love to create a fun, high energy atmosphere to keep everyone driven to give it their all during the training sessions. I am looking forward to giving you the tools you need to reach your goals!

Vic Haytaian


As the founder of Body Camp LA, Vic dedicates his time and attention to providing the best service possible to its members. Being an avid workout individual, Vic believes that a healthy body is key to a healthy mind and healthy life. Holding a degree in entrepreneurial marketing from Cal Poly Pomona and personal training certifications from national accredited institutions, Vic founded Body Camp LA on the idea and mission that it is a solution for all those who are looking for an environment where no one is judged, everyone helps each other, individuals feel part of a family and see proven results while having fun.